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Sin City's Most Haunted Locations

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Las Vegas is known for a lot of things and is a tourist destination for those all over the world. From its casinos and night clubs to less strict rules, Las Vegas is almost a world of its own. In this world of bright and flickering lights, there's also plenty of ghost stories. Check out some of the most haunted places throughout Sin City below!

1. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Photo by Jeff Hitchcock via Flickr

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is where Elvis performed over 800 shows between 1969 and 1976. At this time, the resort was known as the International Hotel and then the Las Vegas Hilton. Rumor has it that Elvis has not left the building! The ghost of the "King" has been spotted on the upper-floor hallways of the Resort (the so-called “Elvis Suite” was 5,000 square feet in size and located on the 30th floor), as well as backstage at the International Theater. 

2. Bugsy Siegel Memorial

Photo by brx0 via Flickr

Bugsy Siegel was a legendary gangster that was a driving force in the development of the Las Vegas Strip. Siegel opened the first luxury hotel on the strip in 1946, The Flamingo Hotel & Casino. Only a year after opening the hotel, Siegel was murdered while at the Beverly Hills home of his girlfriend, Virginia Hill. He was sitting on the couch reading the Los Angeles Times. To this day, the crime remains unsolved. Siegel's bronze memorial can be found outside the wedding chapel at the Flamingo Las Vegas and the ghost of the gangster has reportedly been seen wandering around the area in his smoking jacket.

3. The Mob Museum

Photo by Jimmy Emerson, DVM via Flickr

The Mob Museum (officially known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement) is located inside a former courthouse where many local mobsters were prosecuted. The building has a reputation for being haunted by some of those gangsters! The museum is a must-see while visiting Vegas, and even features “an immersive Prohibition history exhibit space” in the basement. 

4. Liberace Museum Collection

Photo by cwangdom via Flickr

The Liberace Museum Collection has moved to several places over the years and currently resides at Thriller Villa, the former home of Michael Jackson. Liberace's ghost is normally described as a "shadowy figure" that likes to lurk around the exhibits. His spirit is known to move from place to place with his collection.

5. Hoover Dam

Photo by James Watt via Flickr

The Hoover Dam is a 70-story-tall engineering marvel that was named for President Herbert Hoover. The dam lies along the border of Nevada and Arizona and was dedicated on September 30, 1935, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The location has been the site of several hauntings throughout the years. One ghost who is well known at the dam is that of a former worker, which is no surprise as more than 100 workers reportedly died during the dam’s construction. Along with this ghostly worker, there has also been reports of mysterious voices and footsteps.

6. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum

Photo by princesskoko via Flickr

Zak Bagans is a leading American paranormal investigator and the host of the Travel Channel’s reality series, Ghost Adventures, as well as the proprietor of this museum. Located in downtown Las Vegas, the Haunted Museum features fascinating macabre curiosities, including a mirror “with evil powers” that was once owned by actor Bela “Dracula” Legosi and a room devoted entirely to the memorabilia of famous serial killers to the legendary Dybbuk Box (a “possessed wine cabinet”), the original staircase from the Indiana “Demon House” and Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s notorious “Death Van.” Along with this, the museum itself is located inside one of the oldest buildings in all of Vegas. The residence dates back to 1938 and is believed to be haunted and was also the site of satanic rituals in the past.

7. Rhyolite Ghost Town 

Photo by faungg's photos via Flickr

The Rhyolite Ghost Town used to be a thriving gold mining town in the 1800s. It turned into a ghost town after the financial panic of 1907, which devastated the area’s fortunes. Upon visiting the ghost town, visitors can check out the buildings and other ghost town ruins, and may even get a glimpse of some ghosts, too! 



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